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Philosophically speaking Holistic Massage takes an integrated approach to the physical, emotional, mental (and sometimes spiritual) elements of life. This allows both practitioner and client to explore an embodied sense of movement and experience, with the understanding that no one person, one day, or one treatment will ever be exactly the same. My personal focus and intent is always very much on creating a relaxing, grounding experience for my clients, through healing touch, communication and working slowly and meditatively to go with the way your mind, body and soul are feeling on the day.

My approach to any treatment is to begin by asking the appropriate questions that will help me to tailor the time we have on the table to your needs in the here and now. This in mind, I rarely conduct a full body massage. For me, if one part of you is crying out for that little bit of extra nurturing touch, understanding and support then I want to help you in that moment to explore, release and let go with the ultimate aim of you finding the MAGIC in the way you move, breathe and experience your day-to-day life.

I make use of a variety of techniques in any one treatment, ranging from the wonderfully soothing all-over effleurage and petrissage techniques of a traditional Swedish massage, to the more pinpointed deep tissue work for those areas just crying out for a little more tender loving care and attention. Gentle joint mobilisations and stretches can help the blood and oxygen to flow around the body, enabling you to find ease and fluidity of movement, whilst techniques of myofascial release can open and release in ways that have long-lasting effects on the way we hold ourselves in space. Finally, as a whole body approach holistic massage also allows its practitioners to explore the energetic body, through calming secure holds and by building an intuitive style of touch.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stones-2780173_640.jpgMy training in holistic massage took place over a ten month period at the renowned Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in Clifton, Bristol. This comprehensive course taught me everything from anatomy, physiology, and pathology to the more spiritual or energetic side of healing with the hands and from the heart. Prior to this I trained in multi style yoga (200hr) and Yin Yoga (100hr) in India, as well as learning how to offer Reiki treatments (Level 2). I now practice massage in Bristol and at events and festivals across the UK whilst also working as a social researcher as programme coordinator for The Making of Meaning Project.

Clients tell me I have a warm and open nature and a very calming touch. So join me for a session where we will explore what it means to relax, in order to find space, length and ease.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat either through the contact page on my website: www.ellieluna.com or by finding me on Instagram or Facebook under “Ellie Luna Holistic Massage”.

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60 minutes £40

90 minutes £50

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