Suzie Carr

Are you facing hormonal changes of perimenopause

and confused by all the options?

Does your energy dip through the day?

Do you feel discomfort after eating?

Establishing the right nutritional practices for your unique body can help you to regain vitality, reduce symptoms, optimise your health now and into the future.

Although having a special interest in women’s health and the hormonal changes of midlife, I regularly work with a range of clients to support the following symptoms:

Digestive discomfort – including bloating, IBS & IBD.

Fatigue – looking at thyroid function among other causes.

Weight Management – supporting gradual sustained weight loss.

Anxiety – caused by stress and diagnosed disorders.

There are times when we can all be overwhelmed or struggling with issues that are difficult, confusing and painful.  Perhaps you feel stuck, anxious or afraid? We can reach a point where we realise we can no longer deal with our thoughts and feelings alone, but may feel we don’t want to share what is going on with those around us.

Your story and experience matters, and I offer a confidential, safe and supportive space where you can feel heard and accepted for who you are. I will work alongside you, at your own pace, to explore the challenges and emotions that are present for you.

I believe that compassion is key in enabling you to find a deep understanding and acceptance of yourself, and in turn this can help you find new meaning and hope for transformative change in your life.

Finding the right therapist can seem a daunting task, so I offer a free online 20 -30 minute introductory session to see if my approach is right for you, and whether I am someone you can connect with. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, and there is absolutely no obligation.

First and foremost I am a ‘person-centred’ counsellor.  In simple terms, I believe that the client knows themselves best, and with the right support can find acceptance, move forward and make positive lasting change.

I offer a safe, non-judgemental space where you can feel heard and supported. With compassion and curiosity we can explore your situation, work with difficult or painful emotions that you may be experiencing, and gain a deeper understanding into the challenges you are facing.

My work addresses a wide range of issues and experiences including low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, trauma, shame, depression, relationship difficulties and the effects of abuse and loss. My formative experiences in counselling were supporting women suffering from emotional, psychological and sexual abuse.

Professionally, I hold an Advanced Diploma in Counselling accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and validated by Network Counselling. I have also studied with Ollie Coaching who specialise in working with young people and adults with a focus on positive psychology and NLP, and I am trained in ‘Walk and Talk Counselling’ with Creative Counsellors.

I hold full liability insurance and am a registered member of MBACP and an accredited member NPCS working within their ethical framework and I undertake regular clinical supervision.


Daytime sessions, 50 mins |  £50

Evening sessions, 50 mins | £60

If you feel I may be the right counsellor for you and you are interested in booking an introductory session please get in touch via my website