Chris Bygrave


I offer affordable psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling in central Bristol. 

In modern life we are often left alone with our problems and are made to feel that it is impossible for us to talk openly about how we really feel.  It may be that our fear of what others will think prevents us from being able to speak freely or even that there simply seems to be nobody to listen in the first place.

Psychotherapy provides you with a safe, confidential space to explore and express your true thoughts and feelings, where you can work towards a deeper understanding of your problems and the manner in which they are created.  In a psychotherapy session you are treated with kindness and respect by a trained practitioner who will support you on your journey and listen to you without passing judgement.  As you go on to discover more about yourself and the way you relate to others, therapy becomes a place where healing and growth can begin.  Entering into a therapeutic relationship is a bold commitment, but one that can also bring about real change as the process unfolds.

Psychotherapy can help with…

-Depression, feelings of emptiness or hopelessness
-Anxiety and stress
-Low confidence / self esteem
-Loneliness, difficulties forming meaningful relationships
-Existential crises (Who am I?, What is the point in life?)
-Eating disorders
-Emotional trauma
-Difficulties managing anger
-Feelings of loss / bereavement

I am currently in my fifth year of training with BCPC (Bath Centre of Psychotherapy and Counselling) on an extensive, UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy) accredited course.  I am also a member of UKCP.

I have a foundation certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling and am currently working towards a diploma and MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, meaning I am familiar with a variety of therapeutic models.  I have over three years experience working with an agency offering counselling to 11-25 year olds and am in regular supervision with a UKCP accredited supervisor.

I have an undergraduate degree in Music and this has led me to take a particular interest in the many different ways that people express themselves.  I believe that words often fail to truly represent us and that healing comes about when we experience being understood and accepted at a deeper, unspoken level.


Sessions are weekly and last for 50 minutes. My fee is £35 per session, which can be paid by cash or by bank transfer.

I am also happy to have an initial conversation over the phone to discuss working together.  This call will be free of charge.

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