Mike Karavolos

Mike Karavolos received his BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (2:1) from Technological Educational Institute of Athens in 2011. His strong clinical interest led to joining a prestigious multidisciplinary clinic in central Athens specialising in spinal pain, complex injuries and sports performance. There he he found his mentor and observed how experts were dealing with a wide variety of MSK injuries to improve clinical outcomes.

After graduation, Mike pursued a range of certifications to supplement his physiotherapy skills. Most notable: Functional Range Release, Functional Range Conditioning, KINSTRETCH, Dry Needling, Taping, Clinical assessment skills, Osteopathic Manipulations, Pain science seminars, etc

His clinical approach is focused towards restoring normal movement, minimising pain levels and improving functional outcomes. To achieve this, Mike makes sure that every patient attending his clinic comes to understand how his/her body works at a deeper level. This takes place while explaining the normal function of the body and the present state of it.

After a complete assessment is carried out, the concern is pinned to specific movements/tissues and habits of a patient. Treatment will be carried out within the 1st appointment. This allows us to see some early results and validate that our approach is targeted specifically at the patients’ concern.

We take home exercise seriously and that is why we will never offer you boring or one dimensional exercises to do. Applying the groundbreaking FRC principles will make it a well targeted and fun routine to help you reach your full potential.

Mike runs his successful practice in West Hampstead( London) since 2016 and after COVID being a wake up call started his practice in Bristol (198 Cheltenham Road)


1st Appointment : 1 hour , £45

Follow up sessions : 1 hour £60

Follow up session : 30 minutes £35

Available Fridays and if urgent Thursday, Saturday, Sunday by arrangement.

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